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How to take control of your door drop & mailshot campaigns

Having recently managed a mailshot and door drop campaign it started me thinking about how best to improve your chances of a decent return. What is the best strategy? It seems clear that a generic ‘Could you use my service?’ or ‘We are looking for new customers’ approach is not only a waste of money but also a waste of your valuable time.

Being specific and targeting a certain group will surely increase your chances of positive feedback and help you to take control of the campaign. But how do you do that? How do you find this unknown group when you don’t know who they are or where they live?

Let’s take a hypothetical situation; a letting agent is planning a mailshot and will door drop 5k homes in the local area. As mentioned earlier sending out a generic message is a waste of time so let’s look at being specific and target a certain group. However we need to look at the possible numbers first.

Of these 5k homes how many are landlords or potential landlords? Probably not many, but how many would this be if we also include people who know family members, friends and business contacts that are landlords or potential landlords? This figure is much more interesting but let’s be conservative and say 5% – so we are now looking to engage with 250 possible landlords.

Now the trick is to engage with them on one important and specific issue. What would be their one major concern or worry; Health and safety, rental income protection, vacant properties, security, inventory and property protection. All of these I would say, but we are only choosing one concern on this occasion so let’s take rental income protection and create our content and campaign around this one issue. So we might now ask ‘Is your rental income protected?’

We now have our content but remember that we don’t know who these people are or where they live but we have taken more control by asking this one direct and specific question.

But of these 250 possible new contacts how many already have rental income protection? I would estimate that the majority do not but, again, let’s be conservative and say 50%. So we are now looking to engage with 125 possible landlords and potential landlords. This is where you need to take a deep breath – forget the other 4,875 homes. They won’t engage and most likely will throw your mailshot in the bin without even a cursory reading. But don’t worry. You only need to concern yourself with the 125 possible landlords you have managed to interest.

Now is the most important stage. If you have created a motivating ‘call to action’ these new clients will contact you but you must have comprehensive content to reinforce and expand on your message. This may be the form of a fact sheet, blog post, 1-2-1 consultation, local advertising or further on-line content but whatever you choose this is the moment to ensure you don’t waste the opportunity your mailshot has presented to you. You should also be backing up your campaign with local advertising, social media and blog posts which all convey the same consistent message.

Remember, you don’t know which of the 5k homes the 125 possible contacts will come from but the two components you can control are the content of the mailshot and the way you deal with the response to your ‘call to action.’


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